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Especial Gear Tansmissions SAU (EGT) under the trade Tacke Olalde and Echesa, belonging to the Gamesa Group.

We are pleased to summarise below the most relevant features of our company, which show a description of our means, both human and production, as well as some of our most representative  equipment manufactured over the more of 50 years of experience we have ..


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Its location in Mungia (Spain) close to the Bilbao harbour (25Kms) and airport (5Kms), allows EGT a quick and accurate delivery to customers all around the world.

With a plot area of 6.300 m2 and a plant area of 4.300 m2, inside the Trobika industrial estate, EGT is also easily accessible by road.


Martintxone Bidea, 3A -Pol.Ind. Trobika
Mungia . Vizcaya . Spain 48100
Telephone: +34 946 740 050
FAX: +34 946 742 735